Why Piemonte? Why Mendoza?

It’s the question everyone keeps asking. Actually, Piemonte and Mendoza have much in common. Many of the first immigrants to Argentina were Italian, and they planted their grapes and set up the first vineyards in the late 19th century. And they are both at the foot of beautiful, breathtaking mountains. They both have beautiful red wines and surprisingly delightful whites, like our Cavalotto white Pinot Noir. And they both love tradition. The grapes for our Barolo Boscareto by Ferdinando Principiano are still trampled by foot, and the vineyards for our Finca Adalgisa malbec 2008 are still ploughed by horses. And our winemakers are passionate about making amazing wines in small quantities which they watch over with the greatest of care. There are just 2000 bottles made of our award winning Ricardo Santos Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2882 bottles precisely of our Serrera Gran Guarda. And in keeping with tradition, I made just 600 bottles of Silly Point Rosé 2010. We designed the labels ourselves and created the wine we wanted. It is a beautiful deep colour, that reminds you of the sunrise over the Andes. We hope you enjoy our wines. 


Silly Point Wines was set up to bring the amazing wines made by small wineries, in small batches to the UK. We meet with all our producers regularly, and watch the evolution of each wine  with them. Occasionally, we even go over and help with the harvest. We work with winemakers in Mendoza in Argentina, and in Piemonte, in Northern Italy. 

And why is it called Silly Point? Because we love cricket – and when the sun sets on the magnificent Andes in the Uco Valley -  with a glass of Barolo that we love to share with  Argentinian friends – there is only one thing that would ever make it better – the sound of willow on leather. One day.