April 2015

In May, approximately 150 wine producers will gather in London to exhibit at the RAW wine fair. Natural wine is about minimum intervention in the winery, in the way that organic might mean minimum intervention in the vineyard. While natural wine does not have accreditation, the key factors that separate them are the use of indigenous yeasts, no corrections in the winery for acid or sugar and no removal of excess dilution in a wet vintage.

December 2012

As I stepped off the plane from London, and negotiated my way through the weirdest airport configuration I have ever encountered, the late evening sunshine engulfed everything around me. In Atlanta, Georgia, spring and fall are the finest times to visit. Over the next few days, I sampled the very best restaurants in Atlanta with Melissa Libby, who runs a PR firm that represents some of Atlanta’s best restaurants. And they are some of the finest in the world.